Our organic olive oil is pressed from healthy olives picked at the ripest moment. 

The olives are milled on the same day they are picked. Otherwise, the water in the olives begins to ferment and the natural olive oil begins to oxidise - resulting in a fusty taste that lowers the quality of the oil.

Our olive oil is extracted mechanically and in a two-phase centrifuge. This technique does not produce damaging residues and saves water. Just two products leave the mill: olive oil and the solid remains of the milled olives. These remains, known as ‘orujo’, are mixed with other organic products and returned to the fields as compost.

Two varieties of olive are used: the traditional Serrana, and the more recently introduced Villalonga. The result is an excellent extra-virgin olive oil with an intense green colour and a fruity flavour.



Organic Mozaira extra-virgin olive oil is produced from two varieties of olive found in the Serrania region of Valencia: the Serrana and Villalonga.


Newly picked olives are brought to the mill in boxes or small trailers.


Leaves and other material are removed on arrival at the olive mill. The olives are then washed to remove any dust and weighed.

The olives are ground at the mill to break their skins and free the oil. The resulting smooth paste is slowly churned for 90 minutes at a maximum temperature of 27º centigrade. During this process olive oil droplets collect together and this makes separation easier.

The olive oil is separated from the paste and water.


The remaining water and other materials are eliminated from the olive oil.

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